To have a rest somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean is a cherished dream of each Ukrainian. Together with the Smart-Travel company your dreams come true!

Today you can purchase the pleasant tour at sensationally low cost! The most important highlight Mauritius, certainly, are net beaches and the sea with abundance of coral reeves.

Besides, the attention of many tourists is drawn by the reserved park under the name "Kazela-Byord-Park" and the died-away volcano located to the west from Kyyurpayp.

Greece is famous not only the status of the ancestor of the Olympic Games and the keeper of ancient art, but also wonderful resorts which have to visit everything the travelers respecting themselves.

Today the trip to Greece can be more favorable, than you think! All this is possible, having acquired one of our last-minute tours to Crete or Rhodes.

Today the island of Crete is of interest not only to tourists, but also to archeologists, for many years the excavation confirming authenticity of the Greek culture is conducted here.

Fascinating trip to Tunisia: arrange rest for the soul!

Among the African countries among our compatriots tours to Tunisia enjoy special popularity. It is located in the north of the continent and has a little desert climate. Uniqueness and exoticism of Tunisia attract millions of users annually today.

You can also join number of those who already managed to enjoy the magnificent horizons of Tunisia together with last-minute tours of the Smart-Travel company!

One of the most popular directions are Sousse and Hammamet. If you decided to go to Sousse, remember that in addition to unique beaches you will also be able to visit peculiar "Colosseum" in El Djem.

Egypt is point number one in the list of the planned travel for the beginning tourists and tourists with an experience. Today one of the most popular Egyptian directions are Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.

Hurghada is famous not only the unique beaches, but also wonderful opportunities to practice diving and try to find treasures at the bottom of the Red Sea.

In addition, the exclusive chance to visit a show under the name "Thousand and One Night" in more detail to get acquainted with fascinating life of the Egyptian Pharaohs is provided to everyone.

And for those who want to learn history of the pharaon power even closer an opportunity to visit a specialized excursion to the Valley of Pharaohs is given.

British restraint and pedantry: manage to get acquainted with new culture!

Fans actively to travel even more often try to visit one of the most mysterious countries of the European continent – Great Britain. Hurry to visit Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot's Homeland together with the Smart-Travel team!

Only having acquired the last-minute travel offer from us, you will be able to go to London or Edinburgh towards to adventures already tomorrow! As soon as you arrive to the British capital, we recommend to you to go to Tower Bridge.

The European quality of service, gold beaches, picturesque mountains covered with the pine relic woods, a bright sun and, of course, the crystal-clear, tender and warm sea - all this does rest in Turkey attractive to tourists.

Now Turkey has turned into the largest tourist center enjoying wide popularity of visitors here to spend the vacation of residents of other countries including at Ukrainians. If you have chosen Turkey, we assure you that you won't regret.

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