Documents which are received by the tourist before departure: 


1. A passport with visa

You must pay attention to the period of validity, the number of days - all this must not be less than the timing and number of days of your trip.
Your full name must match exactly with the way they are written in your passport.
No errors in the visa are not allowed. If you notice an error - requires modifying the visa.

2. Ticket

Errors in the ticket allowed - up to three errors, if it does not distort the phonetic sounding names.
Must not SEDOROV or FIDOROV- though, it's a mistake.
The search for e-tickets are the first three letters, so they must necessarily be the same.
Check the passport number specified in the ticket (not indicated in all tickets). Dates of departures.

3. Voucher

There is no single prescribed form voucher. Vouchers are sent to partners via e-mail, written out by hand on forms partner printed by operators on their computers. These vouchers are valid.
Что нужно смотреть в ваучере?
Surname - allowed small errors, all tourists can be listed, it may be specified only one written

IVANOV+2 -it means Ivanov go two more people. This also allowed.

Dates of the trip, whether the type corresponds to the number that you are asked whether the type of food that you asked

4. insurance

NEVER go abroad without insurance.

If insurance is not included in the tour price - you are obliged to offer it, but if not offered - ask yourself.
The insurance should pay attention to the fact that in addition to different coverage (this is the maximum amount that will be paid to the insured event) there are also different programs. On the same program will be able to visit relatives to you, if you have an accident at such other services do not. According to one emergency dental pomoshch $ 50 for another 150, etc.
Choose the insurance you need so.
If you are traveling to an exotic country far away, take the maximum possible coverage and programs. In Europe - usually enough conventional insurance, which you should definitely prescribe in order to open the visa (30,000 euros covering).
On the beach holiday in Turkey ask for insurance for more than 15 thousand. Dollars, the best in Europe for 30,000, so it will be quieter. You understand that the risks in Turkey more than in Europe, so the insurance should not be too small, and the same with Egypt.

We wish you a pleasant journey! 


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