The procedure for registration of tour


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. Determine with the option of rest, please fill out reservation request, if there are any questions related to the filling, you can contact us for further details and you are interested in possible tour reservation * & nbsp;

. If you have no possibility / time / desire to search for price proposals independently, use the contact form and our manager will contact you in any convenient way for you.


1. After agreeing to the conditions of the tour manager, you need to make an advance payment, which is the basis for the reservation of the tour

2.. With prepaid need to provide passports of all participants of the tour (ask for a more attentive to their travel documents and check expiry dates)

3. When booking the tour in one of the countries visa, pay attention to the list of required documents for visa

4.. A necessary condition for registration of tours is the signing of the agreement for travel services familiar with that you can here .

5. After making the payment, the reservation and confirmation of the tour must be on time to make a full payment of the tour and provide the necessary documents for the visa. Where to book the tour for any reason is not confirmed by the operator, prepayment amount will be refunded in full

6.. Issuance of documents for travel (tickets, vouchers, insurance, passports and so on.) Takes place in our office or in any convenient way for you.

ORDER mutual settlements

1. Advanced Payment for the reservation is 10-50% of the cost of the tour depends on the date of departure, the country of residence, etc.
2.. Full payment of the tour takes place within 3 banking days from the date of its confirmation (all additional conditions negotiated with the manager on an individual basis)
3.. Payment for the tour can be done by money transfer to our account, as well as cash
4.. All calculations are made only in the national currency! (With the exception of the visa fee for the visa)

. * We value our tourists and, in the case of impossibility of performance of a tourist tours booking rules are ready to discuss comfortable for you variation

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