Сare system - Borispol airport you need to be 2 hours prior to departure terminal "B" departure lounge next to "Internet cafes". You must be in the hands of documents (tickets, vouchers, insurance), to pass registration.

Do not forget to bring your passport and if your minor child travels with one parent, bring documents proving kinship and permit removal of the child from the country (power of attorney). If your child is inscribed in the passport without pictures and it was already 5 years - need to paste the picture.

If all the documents you have on hand, you yourself are going through passport, customs control and registration, which is 40 minutes before departure.

The package of documents:

  • passport
  • voucher
  • insurance policy
  • flight
  • if necessary, a power of attorney for the child and birth certificate
  • Bank certificate (when importing more than $ 3,000 per person)

The flight to Turkey is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Visa - on arrival at the airport citizens Ukraine must purchase a visa stamp for $ 20, which gives the right to multiple entries into the country for two months. Re-enter the country one brand is possible if time travel expire before the visa expires. Otherwise, you must buy a new brand.

In children traveling with their parents, grade obtained separately, regardless of the age of the child and whether he goes on his passport or inscribed in the passport of parents. Should the visa (stay in the country for more than 30 days mentioned in brand) fine imposed restrictions and to visit the country:

  •   violation of terms of up to 3 months - fine + refusal to visit the country for 3 months;
  •   violation of terms of 3 to 6 months - fine + refusal to visit the country for a period of 6 months;
  •   violation of terms of 6 to 12 months - fine + refusal to visit the country for 12 months.

In case of failure to pay fines go into the country will not be for 18 months.

After passport and customs formalities, getting your luggage, you are accompanied by a representative TEZ TOUR pass the bus. Carefully listen to the information guide will tell on the route to the hotel.
We urge you to take seriously the information meeting, during which appoint your guide. At this meeting you will receive information about the area, possible excursions and other useful information.

In case of loss of passport, ticket or baggage, please immediately inform the representative who tells how you can solve the problem.

Useful phone numbers - all emerging issues during his stay in Turkey, please contact your guide, your mobile phone is placed in a newsletter.

Customs -with Ukraine could be exported without a registration certificate to the bank $ 3,000 per person.
At the airport, Turkey must make a declaration of all electronic equipment, antiques and jewelry (their presence can check on departure). Allowed duty free import: 400 cigarettes or 50 pieces of cigars, or 200 grams of tobacco, 5 (1000 ml) or 7 (700 ml) bottles of liquor, of which no more than 3 can be a variety, cologne - 2 liters uncapped bottles, perfume - 1 liter in uncapped vials, gifts worth no more than $ 500, food within personal needs. The import of drugs, medicines that contain a large dose of drugs and weapons.

Religion - 99% of the local population - Muslims.
Climate - Turkey is washed with 3 sides seas: the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black. On the coast prevails Mediterranean and subtropical climate with hot dry summers, mild winters and rainy seasons.
Money - currency Turkey - Turkish lira. The exchange rate is unstable, better bring cash in US dollars or euros are accepted almost everywhere, it makes sense to exchange a small amount, as many in Turkey is less than a dollar (bus fare, cans of beer).
Shops - every city has public transportation - dolmushe (taxi), which goes on specified routes, making no designated stops. At your request, the driver can stop dolmushe in the right place for you.
Transport - each city has urban transport - dolmus (minibus), which travels along a specified route without making specific stops. At your request, the driver can stop dolmush in the right place for you.
Car rental - сar hire is given only in the presence of a driver's license. All cars have insurance "Casco". Minimum rental - one day, mileage is unlimited. Make sure the car is fully insured, including lights and glass. Gasoline purchased independently. In the event of an accident can not move the car until the arrival of police. Police can not speak Russian or English and you will not be able to explain his version of events, you should immediately notify the company, where he was captured and car rental representative TEZ TOUR of cluchivshemsya. Do not forget to bring a law, passport and documents for rental cars, as well as the possible police check.
Phone - access to international communications - (00) followed dial the area code and phone number. Call the hotel can be, but it is more expensive than the post office. You can purchase a phone card on the blue "100 units" and call the CIS from any street machine. Post offices are open from 8.30 to 17.30, phone telephones - to the north. Identification mark mail - in black and yellow PTT.
Hotel - estimated time of 12.00 in the hotel. By this time you must release your number and the arrival of the bus to pay for additional services: telephone, mini bar, restaurant, etc. His luggage to the arrival of the bus can leave the luggage room of the hotel.
Each hotel is a stand "TEZ TOUR", where you can find all the necessary information, including the return flight to Ukraine. On the eve of departure on the stand will be given time in which you will get on the bus to leave the airport.

Power Voltage - 220 V.
Tip - system extends to tip waiters in bars and restaurants, maids in hotels, media guides. Payment tipping is not mandatory, but if the client was satisfied with the service, a tip - a sign of good form. Almost always, the average size of the tip is 10% of the bill. However, expensive restaurants decided to leave up to 20%. In hotels, in taxis not give a tip, but run counter rounded upwards.
Recommendations - recommended to drink mineral water, which can be bought in shops and bars.
Jewels, money and documents recommend storing in a safe which is in the room or in the safe at the front desk.
It is recommended to take the room key at the reception. In case of loss of the key immediately to inform the hotel.
Check-out time at the hotel - 12:00. If you do not pass the number to 12.00, the cost of room paid entirely by the next day. On the day of check-out to be paid extras - mini bar, telephone calls, ordering food and drinks in the room and so on.

medicine chest - before you go and form a grab from a first aid kit to help you with lung ailments, save your time searching for drugs and eliminate the problems of communication in a foreign language, in addition, many drugs are in different countries bear different names.
- painkillers
- cardiovascular drugs
- funds from indigestion, bile
- drugs against motion sickness in vehicles
- funds from insect bites
- bandages (bandages, cotton balls)
- waterproof plaster
- barrier contraceptives
- solution for contact lenses, if you wear
  - Eye drops
- Sunscreen and creams for skin after sun exposure

Medical care - in Turkey, there are public and private clinics, where the private service, but the presence of policyholder service is free or costs and compensation under the insurance policy. (See. Memo annexed to the insurance policy).

We wish you a pleasant journey! 

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